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Arthouse film fans rejoice! If it wasn’t awesome enough already that many of your favorite foreign/classic/obscure Criterion Collection titles are available instantly on Netflix, the awesomeness factor has just been kicked up a notch with my recent discovery of Streaming Criterions, a website that, as it sounds, lists all the Criterion Collection titles that are currently available for instant streaming.    [click to continue…]

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Whatcha Gonna Queue’s Summer Vacation

by admin on June 15, 2011

Howdy, folks!  As you may have already noticed, we haven’t posted a new episode of the show since our Memorial Day tribute and I’m sure many of you are probably wondering, “how would Flashdance have turned out had it been directed by Michael Cimino?”  While I really cannot attest to that, I can shed some light on Whatcha Gonna Queue’s absence by letting you all know that the show is on a summer hiatus for the rest of the month.  Jim and Alex need to take some time to focus on some other priorities, organize their plans for the future and hit the gym to get rid of those spare tires and love handles now that bathing suit season is in full swing.

In the interim, catch up on any back episodes you may have missed on our Facebook page and come back daily to indulge in our fun sized reviews of single titles from our extensive catalog.  The boys will still be tweeting and Facebooking getting all pretentious and whatnot on a daily basis, so keep tuning in at the same Bat-time on the same Bat-channel for some surefire giggles and snobbery to get you through the month.  See you soon!

If there were ever two men in need of tans, it's us

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The Oscars They Are A-Changin’. Again.

by Jordan Rabinowitz on June 15, 2011

The 2012 Oscars are still nine months away, but it’s never too early to start talking about how the upcoming show is going to take shape. Now, we’re not talking about what the nominees themselves will be (I think we might still be a little too far away for that), but rather, the recent news that the Academy’s Board of Governors changed the guidelines of the Best Picture category. Only 2 years after changing the number of Best Picture nominees from 5 to 10, AMPAS is doubling back and seemingly striking some sort of compromise with itself, deciding that the field can now include any number of nominees between 5 and 10 on any given year. [click to continue…]

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Netflix Re-design Makes Users Re-ally Angry

by Jordan Rabinowitz on June 14, 2011

Many of you woke up pretty content last Friday only to find something pretty funky going on with your Netflix dashboard. Your ratings are gone, sortable lists have disappeared and, if you’re like most other Netflix users, you’re generally disappointed.

Out with the old, in with the ne

So yes, this week, Netflix unveiled their new interface that, if nothing else, further emphasizes their shift to live-stream. Among other small changes to its aesthetic, the biggest shake-up seems to be the eradication of your personal reviews – by which I mean, you now have to hover over the movie or TV show title for a second or two to see them. The changes have gotten everybody a little worked up. According to EW.com, many users have considered the new layout, “God-awfully hideous, bulky and awkward, totally horrible, and jarring.”

Pretty harsh words, but if you’re a user, I’d suggest you get used to the changes because they’re here to stay. Vice President of Corporate Communicates Steve Swasey indicated that they have done extensive research on the new format, are convinced that the vast majority of users are comfortable with it, and they have absolutely zero intention of changing it back. This might not be an issue for Playstation 3 users, who will no doubt see similarities between the new website interface and the Watch Instantly interface they’ve already been using for months.

Just like anything on the Internet that undergoes a makeover (I’m looking at YOU Mark Zuckerberg), this looks like it will just take some getting used to.

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Is there anything greater than the Netflix Watch Instant service? No, the answer is no. But with great power comes great responsibility and you might be having trouble choosing from the literally thousands of options put in front of you. Well, fear not faithful Netflix subscriber and avid blog reader, your friendly neighborhood queue masters are here to tell you what’s new to stream this week and what’s worth your time. All of the picks below are available to watch right now on your computer, TV, game console, Bluray player, or mobile device. Seriously, right now. It’s Whatcha Gonna Queue INSTANT edition.

Highlander: The year is 1986. Ronald Reagan is president. The United States lost the Challenger shuttle. The Mets win the World Series. And Highlander sees its theatrical release. (Not in that order of course). In this modern fantasy hybrid, Christopher Lambert plays the the Highlander, Connor Macleod,  an immortal Scottish warrior who must take down his final, also-immortal rival as played by Sean Connery. Together they convene with the remaining immortals in NY as they battle for the fabled “Prize.” Director Russell Mulcahy shot both on the rural countryside familiar to the fantasy genre and  on location in modern day New York. The result is a truly unique, but typically 80s post modern journey from writer Gregory Widen. The film also gave us the classic tagline, “There can only be one.” That contribution to pop culture alone makes it all worth it.

Lambert was a relative newcomer, having just barely learned English, he spent time with a dialogue coach in which they developed a non-specific vaguely foreign sound for the character. This was one of the first films to shoot at New York’s Silvercup studios in Queens, at the time of production it had just been converted over from the recently out of business Silvercup bread company. The film is also famous for including several original Queen songs. Oh the ’80s. (Side note: If for some reason you don’t have Netflix (really?!) you can watch Highlander for free on Hulu). [click to continue…]

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Not too much happening on the home front for Netflix today. Let’s take a look at what some of her competitors have been up to, shall we?

[click to continue…]

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Episode 27 – Sight for Sore Eyes

by Staff on May 24, 2011


Who doesn’t love Terrence Malick? Well, there are actually probably a lot of people who don’t, but whether you love or hate the INCREDIBLY deliberate filmmaking style of America’s least prolific auteur, you have to admit that he’s got a great eye for breathtaking cinematography. Malick’s most recent cinematic poem, Tree of Life, shot by Emmanuel Lubezki, comes out this weekend and to celebrate the occasion, Jim and Alex have dedicated Whatcha Gonna Queue to some of their favorite visually striking films.

[click to continue…]

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