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Back in March we posted about an impending $100 million deal between Netflix and Miramax that would bring the production company’s vast back catalogue to the streaming service. Well movie fans, according to a press release put out today that deal went through and is coming to fruition sooner than we thought. [click to continue…]


Dish Network keeps showing up on the blog here at Whatcha Gonna Queue? And it’s mostly attributed to their recent purchase of the bankrupted Blockbuster. Well now they’re gnawing at Netflix’s ankles a little more with the new addition to their online streaming service.

An article on The Wrap claims that Dish has acquired streaming rights for both HBO and Cinemax. For those who don’t know, HBO is a premium cable channel with acclaimed original programming, and Cinemax is best known for showing mild pornography late at night. [click to continue…]


Fox has had a non-exclusive streaming deal with Netflix for some time now. Until recently this didn’t mean much because Fox also streams programming for free on Hulu, but the deal is finally showing its value to the Netflix costumers.

Like most network deals, this Fox deal will give Netflix streaming rights to several older shows in the network’s library, including “The Wonder Years,” and “Ally McBeal.” What makes this deal special is the fact that it will also grant Netflix the streaming rights to current, popular programming like FX’s “Son’s of Anarchy” and possibly the biggest catch, “Glee.”

The entire first season of “Glee” and first two seasons of “Sons of Anarchy” will be available at first, and newer seasons will be added annually according to Engadget. With the all the die-hard “gleeks” out there, and the audience drawn in by other Fox programming, Netflix is compensating for the Showtime losses fairly well. [click to continue…]


Starz-Netflix Deal to See Changes in 2012

by Tom Herrmann on March 8, 2011

It’s hard to believe the changes Netflix has caused since 2008. Over the past three years TV and movie studios have been realizing the inevitable transition from broadcast to internet streaming. Studios have been testing the waters at different paces, but Starz was over-zealous and dove into the shallow end of the pool.

A little shaken up, Starz has recuperated after making what has proven to be a poor deal on their part. TV By the Numbers believes that “the cost to Netflix will increase by more than 8 times, growing from $30 million annually to an average of $250 million.” Quite a jump in price, but Netflix may need their service. [click to continue…]


Close your eyes for a moment and think back to a simpler more independent time. The golden ’90s. Nearly a hundred years after cinema’s invention, the last decade of the millennium ushered in an era of small time filmmaking that resulted in a multitude of art house and crossover legends. Quentin Tarantino. Kevin Smith. Gus Van Sant. David O Russell. And no one studio more defined that era than Miramax. Owned by Bob and Harvey Weinstein until ’93 when it was acquired by Disney, Miramax released many Oscar winners and indie stalwarts. That is until 2010 when Disney sold it. With a future much in limbo, Studiocanal and Lionsgate announced today that they would be picking up worldwide distributions rights to the vast Miramax back catalog.

The 90s: A Simpler Time

The two companies will collaborate to deliver the over 550 titles on DVD, Blu-ray, VOD and online. (Of course this should include Netflix, on disc definitely, streaming TBD). Studiocanal will be handling the UK and European distribution while Lionsgate takes on domestic. Steve Beeks, President and Co-Chief Operating Officer of Lionsgate, had this to say about the announcement. [click to continue…]